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Privacy Policy
All personal information managed by Korea Smart eMobility Expo and NEXPO(“Service”) is collected, retained, and managed according to the relevant Acts and subordinate statutes or with consent of the subjects of information. The 『Act on the Protection of Personal Information Maintained by Public Institutions』 sets out general norms for the handling of such personal information, and this “Service” provides the appropriate personal information collected, retained and processed in accordance with the provisions of these laws and regulations. We will treat it lawfully and appropriately to protect our practice and the rights and interests of the people. In addition, the “Service” respects your rights and interests, such as the right to request access and correction of personal information held by the “Service” as stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations. You can request an administrative trial according to your decision. The privacy policy of this “Service” is divided into [protection of personal information of users on the website] and [protection of personal information handled by computers] for the protection of personal information of users. Protection of personal information of users of the Korea Smart eMobility Expo and NEXPO( Thank you for the use of our "Service" and we will explain the privacy policy for our "Service". This is based on the current [Act on the Protection of Personal Information Maintained by Public Institutions] and [Basic Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Information of Public Institutions]. This is to inform you that the Website operated by our "Service" is as follows, and this policy applies to all websites operated by our "Service" unless otherwise explained.
Korea Smart eMobility Expo NEXPO
The following items might be automatically collected while using the internet Service. - Your Media Access Control (MAC) address, computer type (Windows or Mac), operating system name and version, Internet browser type and version, and IP address - Your Internet server domain and the address of the website you went through when you visited this “Service” - Service usage records, etc. The information automatically collected and stored as described above will be used for statistical analysis to improve and supplement our “Service” to provide better services to users, and for smooth communication between users and the website. However, please be aware that there may be cases where such information is required to be submitted according to the regulations of the law. · Information collected through e-mail and web templates, etc. The information you have submitted in this “Service” may be viewed or viewed by others. The information you have entered can be shared with others who need it based on the relevant laws and regulations, and can also be used as data for the implementation of related laws and policy development. In addition, this information may be shared with other ministries or may be provided as needed. Although we are making administrative and technical efforts for the security of our website, please avoid writing sensitive information that may be a problem in case of an accidental intrusion. · Personal information collection and purpose of usage How you can access or change your personal information Anyone who subscribes to "Service" can view or correct their personal information at any time. If you want to view or correct your personal information, click Modify My Page Personal (Company) Information to view or correct it yourself, or contact the person in charge by phone or e-mail to take action without delay. If you request correction of personal information errors, we will not use or provide personal information until the correction is completed. · Personal information file management Personal information is collected and retained only in accordance with the provisions of the law and the consent of the information subject, and the main personal information files are as follows.
Personal information file name “Service” Member
Retention Basis Terms of Use and Participation Provision
Purpose of retaining Member management
Purpose of usage ID, password, name, e-mail address, address, mobile phone number
Period of retaining Until the termination or withdrawal of the “Service”
We will collect, retain, and manage personal information in accordance with the rules of the Act and the management will be conducted in such lawful and proper manner to perform the public duty and protect the rights and interests of the public. Procedure and methods of removing personal information The Service shall, without delay, remove the personal data concerned when the consented period expires or after the achievement of the purpose for the collection and use of personal data. The procedures and methods for removing personal information are as follows: - Removal Procedure After or as soon as the purpose of retaining personal information has been achieved, it shall be transferred to a separate storage unit (or a separate filing cabinet for printed or hardcopy versions of personal information) and stored for a certain period of time and destroyed pursuant to internal policies and other Acts and subordinate statutes. The personal information transferred to the separate storing place shall not be used for other purposes except as stipulated in the Acts. - Removal Method Personal information stored in an electronic file format is deleted, using a technique that can not be played electronically. · Entrustment of Handling of the Collected Personal Data The Service does not entrust external companies to process personal data of the customers unless otherwise consented by the data subject in advance. When the business demands it, the Service will notify the customers of such entrustment and obtain a prior consent. · Measures for the Protection of Personal Information For homepage security or continuous service, this “Service” operates various programs to monitor network traffic and detect attempts to change information illegally. Other people may inquire or read the items you put on the website. If any of the contents listed on the website by users includes personal information, the personal information must be deleted and posted. The term "Personal information" refers to information about a living individual, and information that can identify the individual based on the name, resident registration number, image, etc. included in the information (even if the information alone cannot identify a specific individual, It includes information that can be easily combined and identified). · Link site/web page When moving to another site or web page by clicking the link or banner included in the web page operated by this “Service”, the privacy policy is applied to the policy posted by the site operating organization, so please check the policy of the newly visited site. · Acquisition of other people's personal information while using the website Personal information that can be identified, such as an email address, must not be obtained from the website operated by this “Service”. Anyone who reads or is provided with personal information by illegal methods may be punished according to Article 23 of the [Act on the Protection of Personal Information Maintained by Public Institutions]. · Reporting and consulting of privacy infringement cases
Korea Smart eMoility Expo Organizing Department Korea Smart eMoility Expo Operation Office (NEXPO)
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· Collection and Retention of Personal Information This “Service” collects and retains personal information only in accordance with the provisions of the law and the consent of the information subject. The “Service” will make every effort to ensure that your rights and interests are not infringed by properly and appropriately processing your personal information in accordance with relevant laws. · Restrictions on usage and provision of Personal Information Personal information collected and held by this “Service” is information with strict restrictions on use and provision, unlike general administrative information. Article 10 of the [Act on the Protection of Personal Information Maintained by Public Institutions] (Restrictions on Use of or Tender of Managed Information) stipulates as follows. - When used within the holding institution or provided to a person other than the holding institution under other laws. - The following cases · When the consent of the information subject is obtained or provided to the information subject · When there is a reasonable reason to use the processing information in order to perform the business under the jurisdiction of other laws. · Provided to foreign governments or international organizations for the implementation of treaties or other international agreements. · In the case of providing in a form in which a specific individual cannot be identified for the purpose of statistics writing and academic research. · When the information subject or its legal representative is in a state where it is impossible to express his or her intention, or when consent cannot be obtained due to unknown address, etc., and it is clearly recognized that providing it to a person other than the information subject is clearly beneficial to the information subject. · When necessary for the investigation of a crime and the filing and maintenance of prosecution. · When it is necessary for the court to perform judicial affairs. · In case of special reasons prescribed by Presidential Decree. The “Service” will make efforts to prevent unfair use by complying with relevant laws and regulations in the use and provision of personal information. · Request for viewing and correction of personal information files The following personal information files can be requested to be viewed in accordance with the provisions of related laws, such as [Act on the Protection of Personal Information Maintained by Public Institutions]. - Procedure for requesting access (in the case of [Act on the Protection of Personal Information Maintained by Public Institutions]) - The following can be restricted in accordance with Article 13 of the Act. 1. In cases where it seriously interferes on execution of the operations concerned falling under any of the following items: (a) Operations pertaining to the levy, collection, or reimbursement of taxes; (b) Operations of various schools under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the Higher Education Act or lifelong education institutions under the Lifelong Education Act pertaining to the evaluation of merit or the selection of students for admission; (c) Operations pertaining to the evaluation and judgment on academic background, skills, and examinations related to employment, judgment on qualifications, assessment of compensation or payment, etc.; (d) Operations pertaining to the inspection and investigation of other Acts; (e) Deleted; and (f) Other operations similar to items (a) through (d) as prescribed by Presidential Decree; 2. In cases where it is feared to harm a persons’ life or inflict physical harm or when there is fear of unjust infringement on property and other benefits of a person; ○ The subject of information to inspect the managed information regarding himself/herself may make a request for correction or deletion of the managed information concerned - Scope of correction claim, correction of information recorded differently from the facts, deletion of content that is not true in a particular item. Where any persons whose rights and interest have been infringed on due to the act or omission of the head of public institution regarding requests prescribed in Articles 12 (1) and 14 (1), they may request an administrative appeal under the Administrative Appeals Act or file a lawsuit under the Administrative Litigation Act. Please refer to the website of the Ministry of Government Legislation ( for details on administrative trials. · Staff responsible for managing personal information To protect personal information of users and handle complaints about personal information, the Service is responsible for appointing related departments and personal information management managers as below. If you have any questions, grievances or complaints, or comments about this Privacy Policy and/or the handling of your personal data by us, please contact us at :
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